Seaweed drying factory in Galway

Installation of Weishaupt Burner Model WM-G20 at Seaweed Drying Factory in Galway

We are pleased to announce the installation of a state-of-the-art Weishaupt burner model WM-G20 at our seaweed drying factory in Galway.

To convert 1 x Seaweed drying machine at Arramara Teoranta in Co Galway to dual fuel firing gas and coal.

We supplied and installed 2 x  Weishaupt burners model WM-G20 rated at 2,100 KW firing on LPG

The burners are mounted on specially designed trolleys with guillotine doors to facilitate the easy change over from coal to gas and vice versa.

We also carried out significant modifications to the internal structure of the dryer brickwork and refractory.

A very challenging and unusual project carried out very successfully.