Borderer Steam Boiler

Borderer Steam Boiler

The Cochran Borderer steam boiler utilisies a full wet back design for maximum efficiency. A key feature of the Borderer series is the boilers’ compact design. The small footprint makes it ideal for a wide range of commercial and light industrial applications such as laundries, hotels and small to medium manufacturing sites. The Borderer also features Cochran’s low NOx, low noise combustion package as standard in combination with a wide range of control options, allowing maximum flexibility.

Ratings (F&A 100ºC):
From 50 kg/hr to 6800 kg/hr (110 lb/hr to 15000 lb/hr / 31 kW to 4263 kW).
Standard Working Pressures:
6.9 Bar and 10.34 Bar, with designs available up to 20 Bar.

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