Industrial Boiler Services

Industrial Boiler Services

At Geoff Castles we specialise in Industrial boiler installation. Geoff Castles have been providing Industrial steam boilers for over 30 years and today we continue to supply new and re-conditioned boilers to the industry. We offer a diverse range of sizes and types of boilers accomodating for all fuel types. We cater for your specific requirements to ensure maximum efficiency is gained from the boiler installation.


Refurbished Boilers

We supply a range of refurbished boilers for both individual sale and as part of a complete installation package to help keep costs down.

Boiler Insurance Preparation

We will prepare your boiler for its annual insurance inspection. Work may include:

  • Obtaining necessary permits to work and carrying out a risk assessment
  • Opening boiler and cleaning all smoke tubes
  • Cleaning furnace and rear smoke box
  • Checking water space and reporting
  • Remove, service and refit, feed check valve, blow down valve
  • Safety valves and sight glass gauge cocks with new packing as necessary
  • Fitting new sight glasses
  • Fitting new manhole joints as necessary
  • Carry out working test

Ultrasonic and N.D.T Inspection

We can prepare your boiler for its 5 yearly NDT test. Work may include:

  • Removing cladding & lagging in areas to be ultrasonic tested
  • Cleaning up areas as necessary to the latest insurance company guidance notes with an air sander leaving surface suitable for testing
  • Removal of furnace brickwork, grinding off refractory ties and cleaning
  • On completion of NDT testing, renew lagging as necessary and refitting of cladding
  • Renew refractory ties and moulding new refractory quarls as per burner manufacturers specifications

Boiler Maintenance – Servicing Contracts

1. Yearly servicing

It is a legal requirement to have your boiler serviced once a year if it is GAS. However we would recommend for safety, efficiency and to lower the chances of failure it is better to have your Gas boiler serviced twice yearly. It is also recommended to have your oil boiler serviced at least once yearly, we would again recommend twice yearly to increase efficiency, reduce costs and to reduce the chances of failure.

2. Tailored Service

At Geoff Castles we understand that every business has different requirements and this is why we offer tailor made servicing contracts. A boiler may need servicing three times a year or more. This is particularly the case with process boilers, which need to be properly maintained to ensure the smooth operating of an automated factory process. Call us or send us an email to arrange a quote on your heating system.

3. All in One

The “All in One Service” includes plumbers, electricians and boiler engineers available on a 24/7 365 days a year call out. This service is perfect for Hotels, Nursing Homes or any business looking to have the bulk of their maintenance completely taken care of, hassle free and cost effective. Call us for more information.

Supply and Replace Refractory

A full service is available to remove & renew furnace brickwork or refractory.

Boiler Descale

Boiler de-scales are be carried out by our team to the latest specifications and include full waste disposal at approved sites

Boiler Hire

We provide a wide range of boilers for hire. Please see boiler hire section for more information.

Boiler Cleaning

Carried out once a year to ensure efficient running of equipment.

Boiler and Pipework Insulation

We carryout pipework installations and pipework for various processes.

Flue & Gas Analysis

This is carried out to ensure emissions are within current regulations.

Ultrasonic Preparation

This is carried out every 5 years to ensure integretity of the boilers.

We also carry out:

  • Coded Welding
  • Boiler Re-tubeing
  • Pressure Testing