Commercial Boiler Services

Commercial Boiler Services

At Geoff Castles we offer comprehensive and turnkey solutions to meet your heating requirements. From sales, design and installation to servicing and breakdown cover, Geoff Castles has you covered.


New/Reconditioned Hot Water Boilers

We have a wide range of New and Reconditioned boilers available to meet your requirements. A list of the reconditioned boilers can be found under the boiler sales section.

Pumps and Valves

We have a wide range of pumps and valves for your boiler. We can provide separate spares or provide a complete inspection and installation service.

Water Treatment

Water Treatment is undertaken to ensure longevity and efficiency of the steam boiler. Combating corrosion and sludge deposition are two of the main factors involved in any water treatment regime.

Flue and Gas Analysis

This is carried out to ensure emissions are within current regulations.

Complete boiler house package

We supply and install complete boiler house packages from small Nursing homes to large Hotels. These boiler houses are built to personal specification and completed to a high standard.

Boiler Maintenance

We offer a range of maintenance services including:

  • Yearly servicing (a legal requirement for Gas)
  • Tailored Service to meet your specified requirements
  • A complete package

We have an on call 24/7 repair team to ensure your business “down-time” is kept to a minimum.