The existing boilers were over 30 years old, inefficient and getting spare parts was an on-going problem.Solution
Two Cochran Equinox Pressure Jet Burners were installed which inorporate the autoflame Mk6 Micro Modulation combustion control logic. This method of control ensures that optimum combustion efficiency is achieved throughout the burner firing range and the direct drive servo motor control prevents hysteresis, which is inherent in merchanical linkage type burner plant. The Micro Modulation combustion logic also provides the capability to interface with variable speed drive control, flue gas trim and displays the boiler operating parameters in real-time.Burner Summary
Rating: 29830 KG/HR
Fuel: Light Oil
Manufacturer: Cochran
Type: Equinox
Operation: Modulating
Turn Down Ratio: 3.74:1